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Meet Executive Chef – Rainal Sahai

Head Chef

After 8 years working in Fiji and around the Pacific, Chef Rainal established his position as Executive Chef at Tokoriki Island Resort for the previous three years.

He gained his culinary training at the Fiji National University, his 1st apprenticeship was for Novotel Fiji, 2nd apprenticeship was under Italian expatriate chef for 2 years.

He then moved to Turtle Island Resort, where he was promoted from sous chef to head chef, and worked under renowned celebrity French chef Jacques Reymond from Melbourne.

In search of more inspiration, he moved to Samoa where under the guidance of local and expatriate chefs, he gained more insight on usage and cookery methods of exotic ingredients.

As part of his in-house training at Tokoriki Island Resort, he was sent to Jasper’s in Hunter’s Hill in Sydney, rated One Hat by the Sydney Morning Herald and to Wild Fire, one of the best waterfront restaurants in Sydney.

As a style in itself, Chef Rainal creates and maintains an insistence on freshness, elegant presentation, and an eclectic use of local ingredients — something for him that will simply remain a part of good cooking.

What he specializes in:

What happens when East and West, North and South all converge in the kitchen? Pacific Rim cooking!

Truly a cuisine of medleys, Pacific Rim cooking combines Pacific Island foods, Asian & Indian cooking techniques, freshness and a host of other cultural, and culinary influences.

The ingredients that drive Chef Rainal’s recipes include exotic tropical fruits, fresh vegetables, just-caught seafood, seeds, nuts, and flavorful often-tangy sauces.

Herbs and spices are crucial to Pacific Rim seasoning, but they’re used to gently enhance the main ingredients, not disguise or overpower them.

Chef Rainal was invited to cook for a week with Chef Robert Oliver ( New Zealand ) Author of 2010 World Cookbook winner, Me’a Kai; The Food and Flavours of the South Pacific was a key ingredient in the success of two of his signature dinners.

Sustainable sourcing means having a relationship with the people who supply us with our products, built on integrity and trust regarding the environment, social values, product quality, and information sharing — a relationship that can become an honest and long-lasting partnership. We create an ethical, and mutually beneficial business association that also allows for improving the local community’s social conditions and environment — while providing the highest quality products.

Chef Rainal is building relationships with the neighbouring island villagers and educating them at the same time, on resource management, over fishing the local endangered reefs and land management.

Not only does Chef Rainal care about the quality of our products, but the integrity of their sourcing as well. He and the resort continue to do everything they can to make sure everything the resort buys is produced with respect for the environment, the growers and their communities.