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Resort Activities

Here in Paradise you can choose to laze away the day on a sun lounger by the resort pool, snooze in a hammock, or float in the calm seas, or if so inclined do absolutely nothing, however when you decide its time for some adventure, we’ve got you covered. Once you are on the island - any activities that incurr a small service charge will be in FJ$ and applied directly to your room account.

Yoga at Paradise Cove


Join Kristiana daily for invigorating and rejuvenating yoga classes on our pool deck facing the ocean or at the Gym centre where our purpose built Yoga deck enjoys sea breezes. All levels are welcome. Even if you've never tried, you'll be amazed at how energised and wonderful you will feel. The daily resort yoga classes are complimentary and included in your stay. Private and/or group instruction is also available with this service incurring a surcharge.

Come along and meet our very own onsite Yogi  - Kristiana.

Originally from Latvia, Kristiana has been living in Fiji for 4 years. Teaching yoga is her passion and she's been with us for almost a year. It took time before she started practising yoga as she always thought it's not for her due to yoga being slow and not as active as zumba, for example. One day she was convinced by her friend to try it out so she did and started liking it as it gave her more energy, clarity and relaxation that she needed while working in London in a stressful office job within IT. Now she is part of our Paradise family wanting you to unwind and feel the same peace that she felt after the first few yoga classes she took 7 years ago. The rest is history. During the day you will find her in the Dive shop, kids club and guiding some of our activities.

Swim with Giant Mantarays


The giant Manta ray season typically begins every year in May and continues right through to October. Manta rays are fascinating and captivating creatures. Giants of their kind, they range throughout the tropical and sub-tropical oceans of the world. Born into a life of perpetual motion, they must keep swimming to survive. Driven forwards by powerful beats of their wing-like pectoral fins they search the ocean currents for concentrated patches of the tiny planktonic food upon which they feed. Despite their status as an ocean giant, manta rays feed on some of the smallest organisms in the sea! They are planktivores, feeding especially on zooplankton; tiny animals such copepods, mysid shrimps and arrow worms. Mantas are known to make seasonal migrations in order to take advantage of particularly abundant areas of food. hence the channel just 10 minutes away from Paradise by boat is the perfect feeding ground.

Activities For the Soul


Perhaps the most simple but universally popular activity is to take a sunrise or sunset stroll along our stretch of tranquil white sand.

Yasawa Flyer drop off

Beach Walks
Daily Yoga classes
Cooking Classes
Basket Weaving
Guided Bush walks

resort pool

The resort pool is situated right in the heart of the resort, which also happens to have the bar and restaurant close by - just perfect for lounging, watching and dining poolside!

The pool lounges and daybeds are the prefect place to read a book, watch your family play or if that time of the day, simply sip a cocktail and enjoy island time.

Fiji Time

We’ve tried hard to offer our guests just the right balance of soulful relaxation, exercise opportunities, cultural interaction and fun. Paradise is not the place for forced fun, but for those that want it, there’s plenty of variety for all ages. There’s no noisy jet ski’s or para-sail boats and you’ll not be organized to exhaustion. You’ll have all the time you need to kick back and get into the local rhythm.

family time

Perhaps a mid morning nap curled up with a good book from our library in one of the many hammocks or sun loungers appeals? Maybe a massage is more to your liking? Massages and our Spa treatments are an ideal way to unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate.

Staff Meke (performance)  - Island hopping adventures
Local Rugby games - Craft demonstrations
Fijian cooking lessons - Kava ceremony

Friday nights are often a favourite for our guests. Our staffs’ way of thanking us for the help we provide, and the humanitarian projects for the village, is to hold a traditional Fijian Meke (cultural show) for our guests .The meke is a fun filled 30 minutes of song, dance and revelry wrapped up in the true flavours of Fiji and the Pacific.

We run several different tours during the week that have you visiting nearby islands. Guests board our island based boat, and depart for a day exploring the villages on Waya Island, or Naviti Island and swim with the Manta Ray’s when in season . All the trips offer a wonderful chance to view island life through the residents eyes, and create opportunities for guests to mix with the locals and experience genuine Fijian hospitality.

During the winter months there are reasonably frequent games of rugby played at nearby villages. Rugby is an extremely popular sport in Fiji and a trip to Yalombi village is a great social occasion, as villagers from all over the Yasawa islands come to support their local teams. We pack a cooler or two of life’s essentials (Fiji beer & chocolate bars) and all head away together in our resort boats to support the local village team.

Seven nights a week, new guests arriving to the resort are welcomed with a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony. Kava is the national drink of Fiji, and is made from the root of the pepper tree. Guests join our string band on a woven mat and are welcomed in Fijian, given the chance to taste Kava and treated to one or two Fijian harmonies.


A few times a week the energetic amongst us head away on guided hikes. We have several hikes to choose from, one of the most adventurous is a hike to the top of one of Waya islands highest peaks. All hikes have interesting and varied terrain with plenty of camera opportunities along the way.

Several nights a week we take guests out for a sunset hand-line fish. The waters around our little slice of Paradise are full of marine life, so regardless if you are complete beginner or a seasoned pro there’s bound to be a story or two on offer at the bar afterwards, and fish caught, gets to be your lunch the next day.

Imagine watching a movie under the stars, just a few yards from the waters edge. On Sunday night’s we setup a large screen. There’s free popcorn and our favourite ice cream in a cone, so grab a drink from the bar, and enjoy a movie in one of the most beautiful and interesting locations you are ever likely to watch a movie.

Once a week we have our world famous Crab racing, so grab a torch and bucket and follow one of our staff members onto the beach to select your very own well honed Olympic trained crab. There’s a generous bar tab for the winning crab owner, and all money raised is donated to the village children’s education fund.

Regardless of your ability or experience, there’s a fishy story just waiting to be told. Fiji offers some of the best sport fishing in the world. On any one of our fishing charters you could catch Yellow Fin Tuna, Walu, Giant Trevelly, or any one of a number of species that inhabit the local waters. We offer half and full day fishing excursions on our boat. You’ll be skippered by one of our local staff who have been fishing these waters for all their lives. You bring the camera and we’ll bring a cool box of snacks and drinks.

Its A Kid's World

kids cub

The kids are center stage in Fiji, Fijians are renowned around the world for their love of children, and whether you want a babysitter or someone to weave the kids a hat or pick them a coconut – Our staff are only too happy to oblige.

Take the kids to the village for a cultural experience they won’t forget in a hurry. With a playground like the Pacific Ocean and our white sandy beach – playstations, computers and television are soon a distant memory!

You and your children will be blown away by the relaxed atmosphere, you won’t believe how cluttered our lives have become and you can almost see the stresses of modern living slipping off their shoulders. It’s a sight worth seeing their relaxed exhaustion and the return of the spontaneity that you thought they left behind in preschool.

We have a kid’s dinner menu and we can cook an early dinner for your children if you’d like us to. You can pre-book a baby crib or leave the children for a few hours to be cared for by some of the wonderful ladies we have on staff. Anything else you need, please ask.

For whatever reason you choose to come to Paradise Cove , we are sure you will leave with a small taste of how simple living and a relaxed outlook on life can still be achieved.

Paradise Cove is the perfect environment to nurture this; you will not be disappointed.

Special Occasion or Just because ...


Let us know if you have a special celebration during your stay, we can put the champagne on ice and practically produce lobster at will – your wish is our command! You bring yourselves and we will provide the moonlight, sunsets, serenades and tranquillity. With a bit of notice we can even whip up a birthday or anniversary cake!